Landscape Influences Human Social Interaction

Scientific American: Landscape Influences Human Social Interaction

Thay know all about this in Spain. One of the presentations at the THEMES Summer School I was at in June was all about the current problems in the Barcelona suburbs as people decide they want nice green lawns like they see on Desperate Housewives.

Domene E., Sauri D., Parés M. 2005, ‘Urbanization and Sustainable
Resource Use: The Case of Garden Watering in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona’,
Urban Geography, Vol.26, Number 6, pp.520-535.

So maybe it’s “natural” for us to want to live in “unnatural” surroundings…

One thought on “Landscape Influences Human Social Interaction

  1. Yet as always Scientific American is surprised of what? Ha ha. That we humans live in a place… interesting. Hey James, nice blog; I wanted to comment on your post about dreams and memories but I don’t know what is with me today, It seems I only write bullshit. Which part of the Mediterranean landscape are you studying exactly?Cheers,


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