PhD pass!

After a gruelling three-and-a-half hour examination yesterday, my examiners Prof. Keith Richards and Prof. Eric Lambin are satisfied that I should be awarded the degree of PhD, subject to three minor amendments!

Thanks to everyone that helped me celebrate in London last night. Also, thanks to all those that helped me along the way on my PhD journey: George, Raul, David, John, David, Bruce, Shatish, Margaret, Rob, Alison, Isobel, Erin, Kat, Andreas, Ben, Chris, Gareth, Isobel, Helen, Nick, Pete, Chris, Mark, Laura, Jamie, Helen, Neil, Nicky, Javier, Livs, Mum, Dad, Michael and Mark… and anyone else I’ve forgotten! Stay in touch everyone.

I’m off across the pond to start my postdoc at MSU tomorrow. Eight great years in London at King’s over, hopefully many more to come elsewhere…

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