Call for submissions to Oekologie August 2007

I’m a little behind but there’s still no harm in advertising that Oekologie #7 is up at The Evangelical Ecologist.

Oekologie #8 will be hosted right here on Direction not Destination in mid-August. Submit your recent writings on ecology and environmental science here. Here’s the details of what we’re looking for from the Oekologie home page:

Oekologie is a blog carnival all about interactions between organisms in a system. While Circus of the Spineless might look for a post discussing the hunting techniques of a trap door spider, Oekologie is looking for posts discussing how a trap door spider’s hunting techniques affect prey populations or its surroundings. While Carnival of the Green might look for a post discussing a big oil policy decision regarding ANWR, Oekologie would accept a post describing the ecological consequences of pipeline construction in the area.

Again, we are looking for posts describing biological interactions – human or nonhuman – with the environment.

Topics may include but are not limited to posts about population genetics, niche/neutral theory, sustainabilty, pollution, climate change, disturbance, exploitation, mutualism, ecosystem structure and composition, molecular ecology, evolutionary ecology, energy usage (by humans or within biological systems, succession, landscape ecology, nutrient cycling, biodiversity, agriculture, waste management, etc. The list goes on and on; I think you get the idea.

Your blog does not have to be an ecology or environmental blog itself, but the post should present an accurate representation of the field.

The post should be spell-checked, grammatically sound, and substantial; we’re not looking for brief reviews. If you are reviewing research, please include solid commentary involving other sources.

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