One year of meandering, One award

Today is the first anniversary of Direction not Destination, a year since I wrote this. Since then I’ve relocated from the OC to East Lansing with few other trips for work (Poland, Spain, USA), and otherwise (India, Dorset), in between. I was offered a couple of jobs, awarded a PhD and generally the good times have outweighed the bad.

Initially I didn’t really know how this blog would turn out or what I would do with it. It seems to have become a place for me to write some thoughts with a little more freedom than I’m afforded with work stuff, a place to keep track of what I am actually doing at work, a place to post some of my favourite pics, and of course at place just to have a quick rant every-now-and-then.

I’ve contributed to Just Science Week and Oekologie and generally some people seem to be finding my meandering thoughts interesting. So much so that recently I was awarded a Thinking Blogger Award! What a nice birthday pressie. Thanks to Jeremy at the Voltage Gate for the nod. Having been awarded this it is now upon my shoulders to nominate the five blogs that make me think. To be honest, and as I implied in the other post I made a year ago, I don’t go checking other individuals’ blogs directly that often. Instead, I usually stick to my favourite blog aggregator 3quarks and the Guardian’s excellent Comment is Free. Anyway, here are my five:

  1. 3quarksdaily“a daily must-read for intellectuals of all stripes”
  2. Prometheus – mainly for the havoc Roger Pielke Jr causes – he’s now blogging for Nature
  3. Resilience Science – overseen by Garry Peterson at McGill University
  4. Ecological Economics – a variety of authors from several disciplines
  5. World Changing – building the future ourselves

Here to the next year’s meanderings!



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