UP Deer Browse Experiment Recce

A few pictures from our trip to the UP study area this past week.

The fall was almost over. We were out on a recce to find sites for an experiment we’re setting up over the next couple of weeks to examine the impact of deer browse on seedlings of various conifer species.

We want to locate our seedling planting on both state and commercial lands – cutting had recently finished at this commercial site.

We also visited a deer exclosure set up to examine tree regeneration in the absence of deer browse (similar in many ways to our experiment). It’s not the best picture, but the effects of 12 years of protection can be seen – very little regeneration on the left of the fence but evidence of green juveniles on the right. These effects haven’t been quantified at this site but by sight alone there’s clearly difference outside s inside the exclosure.

Finally, not all the leaves had fallen. We were a couple of weeks late for the real colours, but some remained down on the Lake Michigan coastline.

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