April 2008 Conference Posters

Final preparations are underway for the US-IALE Symposium in Madison, WI, next week. I’ve finished the poster that we’ll be presenting there on the progress we’re making withour ecological-economic forest landscape model. We’ve also been putting the finishing touches on our posters for the wildfire session at EGU in Vienna (which Raul will be attending and presenting our posters at). Links to .pdf versions of the posters are below. Thoughts and photos from Madison and Chicago (where I’ll be stopping off for a couple of days on the way home) on my return.

An Ecological-Economic Model for Sustainable Forest Management: Modeling Deer Distributions from Local & Landscape Characteristics
J.D.A. Millington, J.P. LeBouton, M.B. Walters, K.R. Hall, M.S. Matonis, E.J. Laurent, F. Lupi, S. Chen, J. Liu

An Integrated Socio-Ecological Simulation Model of Succession-Disturbance Dynamics in a Mediterranean Landscape
J.D.A. Millington, J. Wainwright, G.L.W. Perry, R. Romero-Calcerrada, & B.D. Malamud

Spatial modelling of the influence of human activity on wildfire ignition risk in a Mediterranean landscape
R. Romero-Calcerrada, F. Barrio-Parra, J.D.A. Millington, C.J. Novillo

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