Systems Modeling and Simulation

No sooner am I back from a fun weekend in Toronto (photos on the photos page soon) than the fall semester starts at MSU (is summer over already?!).

Today was the first day of the graduate-level class I am teaching, FW852 Systems Modeling and Simulation. During the course we will:

  1. Review systems theory and the systems modeling and simulation process
  2. Introduce modeling and simulation methods and tools, specifically the STELLA and NetLogo modeling environments
  3. Apply modeling theory, methods and tools to natural resource management and other areas of research

Term projects are a critical component of the course and students will have opportunities to develop their own models, usually related to their dissertation and thesis research. Students will peer-review others’ work, and present their results in class. Through regular and guest lectures, discussion, and hands-on experience, the course will provide students with a holistic view and integrative tools for their future research, decision-making, and management activities.

As the course progresses I may post some of the examples and topics we look at, and anything interesting that arises out of our discussions in class.

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