Anticipating Threats to Northern Hardwood Forest Biodiversity

Megan Matonis, one of the Masters students on the Michigan UP project, is headed to Washington D.C. for the National Council for Science and the Environment 9th National Conference on Science, Policy, and the Environment with a poster under her arm. Entitled Anticipating Threats to Northern Hardwood Forest Biodiversity with an Ecological-Economic Model the poster gives an overview of the modelling project and highlights some of the effects of deer browse and timber harvest on tree sapling and songbird diversity. Hopefully Megan will get some interesting questions and return with some new ideas about how we might use our model once it is up and running.

I haven’t posted on the blog for a little while. The main causes have been end of semester craziness and a trip to Montreal over Thanksgiving (maybe some pictures will appear on the photos page soon). More on CHANS research soon…

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