Publishing in Geography

Got a Geography paper you want to publish? You would do well to read the RGS guide to publishing in Geography. In fact, it’s got some good tips for anyone wanting to learn more about publishing in academia. And if you really aren’t bothered about academia or publishing you should still check it out because it has one of the nicest online document readers I’ve seen in a while.

Reading the RGS guide gave me the idea that maybe I should write up my blog on David Demeritt’s TIBG Boundary Crossing piece for submission as a commentary. So I’ve been reading and thinking about that and will hopefully have something submitted in February. I’ve also been asked to help re-write the Human Decision-Making chapter of Wainwright and Mulligan’s Environmental Modelling ready for its second edition. I’ll be working on that throughout 2009.

Other things I’ve been working on recently are the spatial deer density modelling manuscript (in draft) and the Deer browse/mesic conifer planting experiment (also in draft). I’ve nearly compled the revisions for the paper on my Landscape Fire Succession Model and should be able to return it to EMS soon. The Mind, the Gap paper still isn’t back from the reviewers, and who knows when I’ll ever get round to looking at the narratives paper again.

Not this weekend that’s for sure – Saturday is paper revisions and then on Sunday we’re heading north to our Michigan UP study area to meet with the timber companies (Plum Creek and American Forest Management) that have helped us with our fieldwork over the last two summers. Between the meetings we’ll drive through the study area and maybe jump out at one or two of our sites to take a look at them in the winter snow. I’ve been up there during Spring, Summer and Autumn, so this trip will check off my final season. I’ll take my camera and hopefully have a few pictures to post here next week.

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