Errata: Millington et al. (2012)

I just noticed a typo in one of my papers – seems my proof-reading wasn’t up to scratch.

The error is on page 1031 of Millington et al. (2012) in the following passage;

For example, in Group A the two birds with very low initial stress levels (birds 1 and 2 in Fig. 4a with OSL 104 and 103 respectively) had, by chance, chosen one another to influence their stress levels. This caused the stress levels of both these birds to drop rapidly due to their reciprocal influence. In turn, the two other birds in this group with higher initial stress levels (birds 3 and 4 with OSL185 and 207 respectively) had each chosen one of these first two birds (birds 1 and 3 respectively) as the influence on their stress levels. Hence, the stress levels of birds 3 and 4 also dropped quickly leading to early laying, influenced as they were by the rapidly decreasing stress levels of reciprocally-linked birds 1 and 2.

Prize if you can spot it! The line;

…had each chosen one of these first two birds (birds 1 and 3 respectively)…

should read

…had each chosen one of these first two birds (birds 1 and 2 respectively)…

A minor error (‘3’ vs. ‘2’) but this might clear things up for any confused readers out there. Of course, there maybe other things confusing the reader in the paper… if so, just ask!

Millington, J.D.A., O’Sullivan, D., Perry, G.L.W. (2012) Model histories: Narrative explanation in generative simulation modelling Geoforum 43 1025–1034 [link]

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